Artist Statement

     Visual Poetry is the direction I work,  in painting landscapes, catching the essence of the scene without many details, is the goal and to leave the viewer their own metaphoric interpretation. Painting en plein aire gives the composition an unique vibrance and life.  Working on location gives the viewer the sense of the moment, of place and conditions.

    Capturing scenes that change over time allows the observer an opportunity for that which changes and is not always constant and reminds us to be stewards of our land and nature that is often taken for granted.

    Figurative work with a live model has a different tempo in composing the human landscape.  To relay the sculpture of the human form and capture the personality and the elements together in a soulful expression requires one’s own personal introspection and understanding of the human circumstance.

   Abstract work has given license to turn reality inside out and create introspective improvisations.  To seize the essence of matter and separate fundamentals from irrelevance is what I have created in the painting and the monotype series.

   As an artist my work covers a range of media from ceramic sculpture, printmaking, watercolour, cast bronze sculpture, painting and mixed media.  I enjoy working in different mediums as well as subject matter and find that one method of communicating transposes into another a visual message that becomes richer with time.  My art explores a personal timbre and through my eyes, may you discover your own perception and meaning.

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